04 – 07 November 2024
Riyadh International
Convention & Exhibition Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Market Overview

Riyadh is the center of the largest market in the MENA region with building and infrastructure sector investments of over $1.25 Trillion...

Saudi Arabia had the Fastest Growing Economy amongst G20 countries in 2022, and continues to rapidly expand…

Saudi Arabia has become one of the world’s largest building and infrastructure sectors with building projects in the pipeline, already surpassing $250 Billion...

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing an unprecedented construction and urban mega projects boom that will reshape the future of the Kingdom and the region. Mega public and private sector projects funded by the Public Investment Fund, the Royal Commissions of the prime urban areas, the related Ministries, as well as the private sector which is driving the largest number of projects and opportunities. Exhibitors offering resilient, sustainable building technologies and solutions will participate in unmatched opportunities, with new projects valued at more than 2.9 TRILLION US$.

$14.74 Billion
For Smart Cities Construction...

The Saudi Arabian smart cities market size is projected to reach $14.74 Billion by 2027. Smart cities encourage sustainable economic development an dhigh quality of life. Advancements of the Industrial City Communications Infrastructure encompass upgraded optical fiber and wireless networks, the adoption of modern technologies based on 5G and IoT applications will be embedded in commercial, residential and infrastructure projects. This will create largeopportunities for construction companies and suppliersproviding the needed technologies.

Non-oil Growth 2023...

Economic momentum in the Arab world’s largest economy continued to expand at 5.9% for nonoil growth. This is based on projected positive performances of economic indicators, strategies and programs under implementation.

$43 Billion
Housing Development Spurs New Business…

Saudi Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs has started a five-year $43 billion plan for the construction of housing across the Kingdom. The program involves the construction of 240,000 units. It is one of the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. The plan is creating wide spread opportunities for suppliers of building, interiors, finishing material, construction machinery and related products and services.

$20 Billion
Jeddah Central Transformation...

Jeddah Central Region will see an area of 5.7 million
sqm in the heart of this coastal city developed in
three phases, the first of which will welcome visitors
from 2027. Features include a 9.5km waterfront with
a world class marina and some 2,700 hotel rooms as
well as an opera house, museum, sports stadium and
oceanarium. The project valued at $20 Billion offers
exceptional opportunities for suppliers of machinery,
tools and building materials.

$26 Billion
For Massive Saudi Land Bridge Projects…

The Mega Land bridge project includes the
construction of 950 kilometres of new rail lines
between Riyadh and Jeddah, and 115 kilometres
of new lines between Dammam and Jubail. The
investment of $26 billion over 5 – 7 years will require
heavy construction machinery and materials, as well
as consultancy services over a prolonged period.

$6 Trillion
Tourism Investment Provides Massive Construction Opportunities…

Saudi Arabia is offering investment opportunities
worth $6 Trillion in the travel and tourism sector as the Kingdom steadily pursues its journey to emerge as a global tourist destination by the end of the decade.
The opportunities for suppliers of tourism will be
ongoing throughout the Kingdom for the next decade.

Hotel Room Growth…

The Kingdom has announced the development of
315,000 hotel rooms around Saudi by 2030 further
expanding opportunities in this sector. This massive
expansion will fuel growth across the full range of
building sector materials, products, and services,
throughout the Kingdom.

Visitors to Trojena...

Trojena, Saudi Arabia’s premier winter sports megaresort is due to be completed in 2026. Work is well underway. Trojena is situated in an area of NEOM where winter temperatures drop below zero and year round temperatures are generally 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the region. Plans include homes for 7,000 permanent residents and hotel and leisure facilities for more than 700,000 visitors annually. Saudi Arabia has been chosen to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games at Trojena.

$63.2 Billion
Diriyah Gate Project Offers Many Short Term Opportunities…

The Diriyah Gate masterplan to develop a cultural hub is well underway, offering a wide range of short term opportunities. Some 38 new hotels and resorts will be opening in Diriyah, alongside museums, cultural attractions, luxury retail outlets and souqs. Housing adjacent to the tourism facilities are also being rapidly developed. The project offers architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers a wide range short term opportunities.

Home Development Acceleration in Riyadh…

Situated near Roshn Front in north-east Riyadh, the 8-phase CEDRA project encompasses 20 Million square metres. 30,000 new homes and 400 amenity assets including education, health, retail and entertainment facilities are being developed to form a new sustainable district. Lucrative opportunities to supply construction products and services are available to bring 6 more project phases too completion.

$19 Billion
King Salman Park Development is Accelerating…

Construction is underway at King Salman Park. The
park, which incorporates: Residential, commercial and a large number of public space projects, stretches over 13.4 square kilometres, making it the largest urban park in the world. It will offer arts, education, sports, leisure, retail and hospitality facilities and 12,000 residential units. The mega-development require heavy construction machinery, all manner of building materials, architectural, interior design and other consultancy services.

$23 Billion
The Sports Boulevard Unique Offering...

The outdoor and indoor linear park will be rich in sporting, artistic, cultural and eco activities, to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The boulevard will have8 districts spanning 135 kilometers in and around the city of Riyadh. The boulevard project includes an: Arts, entertainment, and athletics districts, as well as a sand sports park and Wadis to explore. Business opportunities for heavy machinery, construction materials, architectural landscaping, public park furniture and consulting services are required.

$8 Billion
Qiddiya the Future of Entertainment...

Qiddiya City is an entertainment development project, spanning more than 334 square kilometers on the outskirts of Riyadh. Qiddiya will offer a mix of attractions. Work has been under way on the$8 Billion project since 2021. The first phase, Six Flags is due to open in 2024. It will boast 28 rides and attractions across 6 themed developments. Qiddiya rapidly development is offering a wide range short term opportunities.

$60 Billion
Jeddah Metro Offers Opportunities for Infrastructure and Public Facilities...

Jeddah Metro is a mega project for modern urban mobility which will consist of 74 stations, 160 km of track and four individual routes through the city of Jeddah. The $60 Billion project will offer high budget infrastructure and public facilities work. A teach metro station it is expected further construction opportunities in retail, hospitality and tourism sectors that cluster around transport nodes will be forth coming.

3.7 Million
SQM PIF to Develop Al Balad Historic District, Jeddah…

The overall project development area will comprise approximately 2.5 Million square meters, with a total built up area of 3.7 Million square meters. Construction and related business opportunities to develop 9,300 residential units, 1,800 hotel units and around 1.3 Million square meters of commercial and office space are targeted for development.

$15 Billion
Al Ula...

The Royal Commission for Al Ula’s archaeological, cultural and touristic complex and an open-air living museum – is a region as vast as Belgium. The $15Billion Al Ula master plan is being developed in three phases in 2023, 2030, and 2035. The major investment aims to make the Al Ula region the kingdom’s cultural capital. Investments – public and private – in new hotels, restaurants, retail and leisure facilities are continually leading to new projects. The opportunities for the construction industry are massive and on-going.

230,000 SQM
Jabal Omar Project Accelerates…

The Jabal Omar Development Project in Makkah isa unique urban regeneration scheme. The integrated development will provide hotel accommodations, commercial / retail spaces, cars parking, public spaces and public amenities to support religious, social and commercial activities for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. The land area of the project is approximately 230,000 sqm with a built-up floor area of approximately 2 million sqm. Construction and infrastructure development opportunities are accelerating as the various projects get underway.