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Thakher Gardens Building Design in Mecca

  • We are proud to announce that RMJM Dubai’s Thakher Gardens won the Best Future Project of the Year by Design Middle East Awards 2021. The Design Middle East Awards aim at recognising the creative excellence of both individuals and companies, and their core strengths. The Best Future Project category is “dedicated to any type of building and development that is already in progress or slated to begin construction soon and gives an insight into what the future may hold through distinct architecture, the use of advanced technology, and environmental qualities”.

    As such, the Thakher Gardens have been designed as a gateway site to a new Thakher city, integrating the mixed-use development into a single cohesive and efficient approach allowing for the creation of a new urban quarter that is a destination for living, hospitality, events, shopping, leisure and civic use. The vision that drove RMJM Dubai to design the Gardens is to deliver an exemplary world-class development that will be commercially sustainable, vibrant and connected while, through its architectural expression, delivering a gateway destination for both Makkah and Thakher city.

    Source: E-Architect.com